I’m one of those persons who sees life as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to find out what it is all about. All? Yes, all. And everything. One step and a lot of blessings at a time.

Such a quest asks for clarity from my side. What do I want to learn now? To what do I devote my time? How to keep focussed?

The role and value of help cannot be underestimated. Therefore this page. It is an attempt to share briefly some of the themes that are my current objects of inner fire. Honestly, a lot is not mentioned, but this is a start. Consider it a ‘wishlist’, consisting of current elements of interest of my quest. And consider it as a call for help.

TRAVEL to valuable places, meeting remarkable men and women.
Specifically: A current wish is that in September I will travel to Istanbul and from there to Mongolia by train. Meetings with sufi’s and shamans is an aim and so is good preparations. If you have knowledge of these areas, remarkable (wo)men, ánd would like to share, please do.
CONSTRUCTING STUFF. Over the course of the last years I learned the great value of constructing stuff. I wouldn’t go so far has calling it ‘creating’, as that is a step further, but it has a creative side. Under the wing of construction I see myself: building stuff from wood and waste material (both art as functional) and writing. I ask you to provide me opportunities to practice and grow. So if I’m near and you want something build, ask me to join, and please share your feedback and questions concerning what I put in words on this website.
DISCIPLINE. What are good disciplines? Why? And what helps me and others to stick with them? What is will power? And what about non-discipline like relaxation and spontaneity? What makes fasting valuable?