In order to give a sense of my background I hereby list a couple of recent projects in which I participated.

  • Journeys to the East
  • Since 2015 I help out a very special Travel Agency. JttE organizes pilgrimages for the modern and serious seeker of Truth. Connecting outer travel with inner journeys into inaccessible places. E.g. I went with them to Uzbekistan. More…

  • TEDx(Breda)
  • I (re-)ignited a TEDx in the city of Breda. TEDx is a modern gathering of thinkers and doers. It is all organized by volunteers and my responsbility for the first two years was to organize the team and culture in such a way that the projects is succesful, enjoyable and continious. In the end of 2016 I took some distance and continue to be an advisor, seeing how all my goals were and continue to be met. More…

  • Bredavoorelkaar
  • Living Legends