Structure and Synthesis

I received a card once. It was from a friend and said: “I would like to spend a whole afternoon with you, looking at the world through a grid and discussing what we would see in the little squares.” She had read it somewhere and she immediately thought of me.
Interpreting and formulating behaviour, meaning and ‘phenomena’ is a strong passion in me. And not in a geeky annoying kind of way. For me it’s a fun and illuminating art form; seeing and naming the world. People like to discuss subjects with me and listen to my explorations. In depth analyses, clear syntheses and orderly formulated structures is one of the things that make me me. An art for which I have many inspiration among which are J. G. Bennett and Noam Chomsky.
At work it makes me the guy-to-go-to for writing a project proposal, or to include for a brainstorm or to talk about troubles at home getting in the way of work. It’s not that I have a lot of answers, but I try to see the picture and to understand why things are the way they are. This I find to be more compassionate and creative than to make the world adjust to my view of it.