Dramatic Universe

In January 2016 two friends from the US and me had a bold idea. We set ourselves to study one of the marvellous works written in the 20th century: The Dramatic Universe by John Godolphin Bennett. A synthesis of science, philosophy and spiritual thinking that consists of four books.

This is not a pseudo-scientific spiri-book written by some guru who claims he knows quantum physics. JG Bennett was an engineer, mathematician, and passionate searcher for truth with a gift for structural thinking and language. The Dramatic Universe was his answer to all the scientific breakthroughs in the beginning of the 20th century and the wisdom he collected in his personal searches. His aim was to give to our modern era a world view that was founded on concepts of relativity, systematics and experiential wisdom. Thereby bridging the seeming gap between inner and outer world.

We meet up every two weeks via Skype, discussing a chapter. I will spend some blog posts on it. And if you are interested in joining us, you’re welcome.