#15 drinking song

Please join the feast of those relaxing beyond the body!
You will find not a feast for swagger or being naughty
For there is much to be celebrated and much to be mourned
Here we get drunk on prayer until grasping adjourns

At this holy party we are naked within
We let go of our worries, of our wanting and our herited sin
With our drunken eyes we stare deep into the abyss;
The emptiness in our chest from the good longings we miss

No, no, our dance is not one of despair and defeat
An all-embracing acceptance is our beat
We have the perseverance and strength of a raver on cocaine
Again we raise our glasses to toasts from the sane!

We drink and drink and drink some more
Singing songs from ancien folklore
Sing along, they are remembered just a little distance from your skin
Come relax beyond the body and join in!

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