#11eng impressions of a great prayer

Slowly I look up
While my body follows the same desire to the above
My hands are even higher, reaching above my head, open

From the core of my chest I can feel a longing igniting
A longing to serve what is most True, in me
My hands fill with the answer of my contemplation
While my body again crouches together
Hands traveling to their destination, t
he heart
The heart of the heart
The heart beyond, but starting in the heart
The heart which pulses the beats of connectedness

An unknown determination glistens behind my eyes
It extends my back and opens my chest slightly more
My hands gently quiet, crossed over the center of my chest
I look in front of me and witness the broken pieces of myself, to heal me
Diffused in the ideas of what I am, what I have and what I fear
Now I may see what I am not
Provided I take care of it well
In honesty, recognition and service
Honesty about my longings
Recognition of the lack of presence
Service to the insights I received

My hands leave my warm chest, haven of self-acceptance
They reach to the ground before me
The heart commands me to bow deeply, as I sit on my knees
My chest folds on my knees
My eyes are closed
My forehead and hands on the ground where the parts of myself lay the moment before
The Higher continues to lighten me
Through my back, straight into my heart
No hands and head it needs to pass

In reaching up I feel the longing
In surrender I recognize the healer
Joy stares at me
Joy because I am
And that I learned, by seeing that I am not and that I don’t believe my prayer

I remain sitting silently
Outlining myself to the gratitude
Why do I deserve this?
“You have nothing to deserve,” I hear
“This just happens to be what is”
“The joy of seeing is always your part and always will be”
“Open your eyes again and again and be joy”
“Whatever you see”
“There is nothing to achieve in what you long”
“Your deepest feelings reveal what you are, not what you wanted to be”
“Wish, See, Do, these are your commandments”
“Keep discovering your wishes. Fear not, they are good and you are prepared”
“Keep opening your eyes curiously for what you are not. Do not worry, you only lose which was never yours”
“Stay committed to the Value that you have encountered, even though it is unknown, untrained and you fail.”
“The time always gives you a chance, but not eternally”

Who are you?

“I’m the hands on your chest”

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