#3a Personal prayer

Oh conscious Light let me distinguish necessary from unnecessary suffering
For I see that Lightness cannot come without dark burdens
The diamnd of my being cannot be sharpened by feathers
Nor by an axe
Grant me the memory of guidance, for my walk is feeble and foggy

The fog, is it mine?
The fog between me and others
Inside there is more clarity, to be broken apart by the fog of appearances
Why concern myself with outer appearances?
Why this fog?

“In the world of appearances you will meet the contrast needed for meaning”
The fog is my practice
For, what would I recognize if all was clear from the beginning?
Value and meaning is to be discovered in the fog

Clear my vision oh Conscious Light and let me gaze in the fog
Let me couragiously step on the feeble path
For what do I fear?
Death? Stupidity? Ignorance?
No. I fear the life not lived to its full potential

Conscious Light guide my steps and develop my potential
Push me when I’m resting out of laziness
Stop me when I’m rushing
Point to my heart everytime I forget this majestic organ of subtle perception

My heart is the sense that can penetrate fog
Strengthen my wish to be with my heart
To truly see the colours of Nature, the Sun, and the Moon

Let me be touched and let me realize it is You who touches!
Let me follow that touch deeper and deeper, not clinging to its pleasant sensations!
Let me be your vehicle for discovery and incarnation!

For there is no fog when I’m with You
There is no other to worry about
There is no heart separate from me
It is the Lightness of unity that I long
Unity within and transparancy without

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