List of unusual animal sightings

One of the great things of growing up in the citylife of Holland is that I didn’t encounter much wildlife. My trips into the woods were not scarse, but Holland is simple not the place to scout for fauna.

Nonetheless I am very happy that I grew up there! I’m easily amazed by everything elsewhere!

Herewith a list of animal sightings that I consider unusual enough to be listed. Unusual enough too stir even the locals. 

In chronological order:

  • Boa constrictor in the shed (Dominican republic)
  • Cockroach in bathtub (New York city)
  • Mama scorpion with 6 kiddos in bedroom (San Marcos la Laguna)
  • Black widow above sink (San Marcos la Laguna)
  • Hummingbird (Kolibri) against window, three times… (San Marcos la Laguna)
  • Gecko in shower (Puerto Escondido)

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